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Harmony Holistic Wellness is a small, holistic business

With a variety of services there is something for everyone. 

Harmony: Jade offers Holistic Healing Treatments including:

Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Chakra Balance,

Aura Repair, Holistic Facials, Hopi Ear Candles, Private Meditation and Groups, Workshops, Events, Zen Parties Reiki Training and Tropic Skincare. 

Mini Minds: Jade offers Children's Holistic Well-Being   including:

'Rainbow Children Classes' - Dance, Music,

Movement, Colour and Therapeutic Story in both classes and groups.

Physical Activities to connect with their inner super power, Free Seasonal Outdoor Group activities for families, Toddler Class, Mindfulness Workshops, Meditation Classes Reiki Teaching at level 1 and

1-1 Coaching, supporting children and/or families through loss, grief, and any other times of distress and unease.

Learning is key to tuning into the inner you and Jade facilitates short courses, wellness workshops for adults or/and young people, with free group challenges a few times a year.


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Everyone wants to feel happy, well and live a balanced life, It is your birthright after all.

My vision is that everyone should know how to tap into their inner energy system and be able to create the balance and harmony they truly deserve.

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