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Namaste Beautiful One

'Finding Inspiration in Every Turn'


My Journey

 Harmony Holistic Wellness is run by me, Jade, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Healer of various modalities, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach

Degree Qualified Youth Worker, Teacher and Registered Rainbow Children Teacher.

Harmony Holistic Wellness formally known as Spiritual Journey began as a little dream, already on my own spiritual journey having completed training for various holistic practices,  I began to wonder where I was going in life and intuitively knew it was the right time to embark on a new path!

My passion for everything energy runs deep in the veins, It never ceases to amaze me how the body is able to heal itself holistically with the support of belief, mindset and universal energy.


My Story

I'm 49 years young and live on the Fylde Coast near Blackpool.

For many years I survived life, I had some amazingly happy times but I wasn't living! I needed to fulfil my dreams and my desires.

Mental health, grief, childhood trauma consumed me.

In 2009 I decided to quit the job that I had no passion for any longer and start again. After gaining an Access to HE Diploma in Health and Social Care, studying Human Physiology and Anatomy and Social Issues in Heath Care,  I then began my new journey, one I never believed possible and attended University of Cumbria to uptake a degree. In 2013 I proudly stood on stage at Carlisle Cathedral to accept my BSc in Child and Family Studies.

I went on to do a PGcE, embarking on a 5 year career in Education, yet I still felt incomplete. I spent many nights looking at the bottom of an empty wine bottle, battling inner demons, self loathing and self sabotaging, I was living a toxic life, in denial and at serious risk of losing everything, including myself!

In February 2019 a trauma led to the wake up call I needed! I seriously believe that things happen for a reason, at the time they need to happen! This was the day that saved my life.

I stopped self sabotage, I wanted to live!  I searched online for support and found an amazing coach to help me stop drinking through hypnosis! Check out my blogs! There's more to come! I quit the wine really quickly and In the following months I began to work on myself first with therapy then a journey of inner healing with the beautiful soul Mimi who came into my life at just the right time! The Universe really does work in the most amazing way.

I awoke and began to create the beautiful world I live in today.

I dug deep into the past, reignited passions such as meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, energy healing, tarot, reiki, law of attraction, self love, all things spiritual and universal this is when finally, I became me!

Spiritual Journey which later became known as Harmony Holistic Wellness was created in 2020 during the Pandemic and Harmony added later to compliment my healing space, I have studied the entire time adding more holistic practices to my services.

My mission was to help at least one person feel better about themselves by tapping into their own energy to help them, as I had been.

Today I have over one hundred people on my client list all over the world, I have featured in the world wide Facebook group FREE YOGA.ME (now known as Yoga Business Babes) delivering mindfulness & meditation, I featured in an online social group delivering my signature 'Me Time' within a Self Love Programme to local ladies and have been running my own membership programmes on social media for the last 18 months.

I have delivered Mindfulness and Meditation in Blackpool & Fylde College whilst also delivering Well Being in the Work Place, Mental Health Awareness, Mindfulness and Challenging Behaviour workshops to local businesses as part of their staff/ youth group well being programmes.



'My Life is Energy,

    Energy is my Life' 

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