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Programmes For Children

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Supporting children's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being Jade offers:

1-1 and Family Coaching
Seasonal Outdoor Events
Zen Parties
Holistic Treatments for Children
Mindfulness & Meditation

When We Went Searching For Evidence Of Fairies and Elves
In Stanley Park 
(And Jade Fell In The Mud)

Rainbow Children Classes

Welcome to the magical world of Chakras for Kids™... a world where children have time to breathe, relax, and soak up positive messages which enable them to flow through life's challenges with ease ... where adults have resources to share wisdom and celebrate life with the children they care for.

Our mission is to light up children's lives; inspiring creativity, a love of wisdom, and resourcing the new generation of children to become all they can be.

I am so excited to finally be ready to go live with Rainbow Children Classes.


Training and Workshops
For Youth Groups

Jade offers Workshops and Training for Youth Groups

across the Fylde Coast
Sample Workshops
Mindfulness Interactive Workshop
Meditation Interactive Workshop
Mental Health Awareness Training
Understanding Our Own Energy Training
Self- Care Workshop
Self- Esteem Workshop


Challenging Behaviour Workshop and Mental Health Awareness For House of Wingz

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