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Happy New Year

Well I don't know about you but im glad that's all

over and we're safely here in this beautiful new year! It's been a mix of up and downs on the last 12 months, not all bad and not all good! let's just say I'm happy to have closed the book grateful for the experiences and super excited for this new ones coming.

So let me start off with a huge thank you for following my blogs I know it's been a while and im aiming for lots more this year so thank you for your patience, thank you for being here and quite simply just thank you!

Before my usual huge ramble I just want to ask you did you set any resolutions this year as the clock struck midnight?

I certainly thought about it as I've done since I was a young child but then I got to thinking just after I'd recovered from the most horrific pain ever (gallstones we think) I actually thought my time was up! No im not dramatic at all as it resembled childbirth but worse! Anyway I had a good old reflect whilst resting my poorly body the day after and I began thinking about all the resolutions I had set and broken in 10 days or less! The goals that were little more than scribble on a piece of fresh new diary paper! Then I got to thinking I was a failure that's how I'd seen it, that I'd failed to keep my resolutions so I was angry with me!!! They are not nice feelings to have about yourself, it's bad enough when you piss other people off but to piss yourself off is just unhealthy!

So that was it decision made this year there's none, nada, nothing! That little list in the back

Of my mind was dumped faster than I could blink and tada already I felt lighter! What I decided to do was a release.

I looked back at the whole year, the things I'd released during full moons but still held presence, still no longer serving and still had to go and I set to work.

I wrote my list really taking my time and fully focus on why they had to go.

So first up.....

Self Doubt..... this ones a persistent f***er let me tell you it's been almost 4 years since the day I chose to live and in that time this one has remained top of the list each time I've released but yet it's still there, telling me I can't do it, we'll guess what I've torn it apart!

I looked at self doubt and wrote down all the things that pop into my head I then crossed them out replacing with the positive so you can't do it became you can do it

I looked at why it serves no place in my life and why it holds me back then began to write those reasons down. By the end of that first release i had complete deconstructed the self doubt and it was now ready to go!

On with the rest it took a good few days of analysis

Did it serve me, did it hold me back, what would life be like without it, would I be better off physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially!!! How would I feel releasing! And finally at 6pm on New Year's Eve it was ready.

Just to wait now for the chimes, house saged, me cleansed, I opened the front door on the stroke of midnight and released it all! Anyone watching me must have thought I was mad it was like when you've burnt the potatoes and the kitchen is full of black smoke, wafting like a nutter on the step to what wasn't smoke but the invisible release.

So it was gone all these things released and a feeling of achievement knowing that I'm not carrying this shit anymore! Not only this light feeling but knowing I wasn't going to be breaking any resolutions either, that I'm under no pressure from myself just laid back free and ready to take the year by storm.

Wow what and amazing feeling and I wish I'd done this years ago! I forgot two things but we have a full moon on Friday so no probs, no pressure it will go with the full moon and I will keep going, keep working my best, living my best life being me a doing it my way. I'm sure I'm going to face tough times but I can face anything, I know I'm going to get emotional but I can do this and this year I'm going to enjoy! I'm going to enjoy the official launch of Mimi Minds, I'm going to enjoy the celebration of my 4 year sobriety, I'm going to enjoy stepping back a little and spending time with loved ones and if I lose a few lbs and gain a few££ then fab as long as it's the right way around 🤗🤩

I'll be back soon and until then shine bright beautiful ones


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Geoffrey AL Madden
Geoffrey AL Madden
07. Jan. 2023

And I made it my resolution in your workbook to let find my meaning by enjoying myself this year.

Gefällt mir
07. Jan. 2023
Antwort an

How ever you choose to release is fine I stood on my doorstep wafting mine away like invisible smoke on New Year Eve I bet I looked a right one! Neighbours already think I’m nuts so who cares! It worked 🙏🏼

Gefällt mir

07. Jan. 2023

Happy new year Geoff and mum 🙏🏼 I’m so happy reading this your determination shines and I am so

proud of you! Whatever you decide to do know I’m right behind you cheering you on 🤗

Gefällt mir

Geoffrey AL Madden
Geoffrey AL Madden
04. Jan. 2023

My mum and I have thought about me redoing my a level maths. It's a big time commitment though and it sounds a bit scary. I still dither about how to improve myself and find it hard to stick to the resolution of sticking to my plans since pessimistic skepticism gets in the way. So you know what I am going to do? Take it faith with my rebellious killer instinct that with the determination I have put out to to the universe to destroy the existential crisis pit which already resulted in me seeing synchronicities has already gotten catharsis to reveal itself in layers. I am just going to put my foot down,declare that I am victorious already and…

Gefällt mir
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